My experience on Advocacy Day at the State Capital was very enjoyable. The setting was absolutely beautiful and I am grateful for the opportunity to be able so see and walk through the building and city. Meeting with Mr. Harry Lewis himself was amazing. He is a selfless, genuine person that I look up to and strive to be like. The mock trial was very informing and made me realize how much freedom smokers have. I came to understand the dangers that adults, children, and pets face from others being allowed to smoke. It was empowering to hear the passion that people had about changing these laws and saving lives all over the world. I greatly enjoyed spending the day with other members of SADD club and the amazing staff involved in the club and event. I appreciated the relaxed schedule and not having to rush all over the building all day. And, I was definitely fascinated by the strike on the steps outside. That was something I’ve never seen before and will not forget. Overall, I am thankful for the experience and inspiration I relieved from every individual I met.

Thanks Lula,