As part of our commitment to developing youth leaders, the Coatesville Youth Initiative is pleased to announce our Second Annual Coatesville Youth Conference (CYC) will be Saturday, November 4, 2017.  Hosted on the Coatesville Area High School Campus for 300 students in grades 6-12, the day will offer inspirational programming and workshops for Chester County youth. The 2017 Conference theme is BREAKTHROUGH LEADERSHIP.

With thanks to our awesome 2017 presenters:

Alicia Milbourne – Being the Best YOU

Jonette Marcus – Empowering Youth for Success

Brenda Jo March – The 5 Keys for Success Beyond High School

Abigail Ellis – How to Find and Make the Most out of Your Mentor

Deborah Bookman – The Importance of Being a Youth Advocate in Our Community

Ralf Weiser – Stop Giving up on Yourself!

Frank Pryor – Routes/Roots to Success: The College Student as Thinker and Leader!!

Tammy Hilliard-Thompson – Are You a Leader or a Follower?

Todd Harrison – How to be an Advocate Against Cyberbullying

Stacey Brickus – Speak your Truth!

Noah Willet – Bursting Color!

Sam Brown – How to Make the 4 Years your BEST YEARS!