How do we collaborate?

We publish the CYI Program and Events Guide, to serve as a resource for all programs serving Coatesville youth. 10,000 are printed annually and are shared with local schools and community venues.

We work in partnerships with exceptional community organizations to implement a Coatesville Back-to-School Event, Martin Luther King Day of Service and Coatesville Make a Difference Day.

We convene the Parental Engagement Working Group to provide a vehicle by which parents can be more involved and supportive in children’s lives.

We promote youth leadership development through planning of an annual youth conference in Coatesville.

We empower Community Partners to encourage prevention among youth and bring more awareness of the risks associated with substance use.

Our vision is to inspire youth-led, transformational community change by working through partnerships and collaborative initiatives.

When we are successful, trust is built and people are working together.