Our vision is to serve as a model for what is possible when youth are made a priority!

Why do we focus our efforts in four specific areas?

Early research clearly identified key areas (youth development, family support, prevention/beautification and collaboration) in which resources and opportunities were lacking. CYI chose to take a holistic approach and address all four areas in tandem to build a vibrant Coatesville community.

Youth Development 

We are committed to setting the standard for positive youth development and providing opportunities for youth to engage in experiences where they can gain confidence and learn while improving their community.

Family Support

We enhance family relationships, so families will be strong and have a network of support.

Prevention and Beautification Efforts

We are committed to fostering collaboration among community members at all levels to prevent and reduce the use of alcohol and tobacco by youth through prevention education.

Community Collaborations 

We strive to develop a culture of generosity, sharing and openness to maximize all of our collective resources.