The Game Changers Youth Council is a movement focused on improving the community of Coatesville by utilizing the voices, opinions and talent of youth to create positive impact. The group meets every other Tuesday during the academic year.

Guiding Principles:

  • we are the future
  • we innovate
  • we are role models
  • we are youth lead
  • we serve
  • we partner
  • we are hopeful
  • we are determined
  • we use our voices
  • we are family


  • Peer Networking: Provide a positive social atmosphere for youth to gather, enjoy a meal, and engage in positive conversations with each other and with caring adults.
  • Community Needs: Meet with community stakeholders, councils, and middle and high school students, to gather input on the assets, needs, and gaps that exist in the community and establish the objectives for the year.
  • Youth Voice: Voice the needs and concerns of youth in the greater Coatesville community and implement projects and/or activities to address them.
  • Youth Agenda: Work closely with the township officials of Coatesville administration, youth serving organizations, and school officials to set the agenda for youth in the community.

Audience: Middle and High School students who reside in the Coatesville Area School District


  • Surveyed the community to assess needs, assets, and gaps
  • Held a town hall meeting with 9th grade students
  • Helped plan two community initiatives
  • Served as the youth voice of Coatesville
  • Volunteered at a number of community events
  • Took a stance against school violence and drafted a formal set of recommendations for school district administration to address
  • Demonstrated specific knowledge and skills related to leadership, felt respected by their peers in the group and developed an enhanced view of themselves and their personal value to the community (100% of participants responded favorably)